isn’t it so funny how we thought liam would be the one that would be grounded and marry first and what not and zayn is like the bad boy that never settles isn’t it all so funny now liam has a new gf and zayn is engaged aha ha a h a h a

why do i find it so hot when a guy dresses really well especially in a well tailored suit

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you know the thing is i feel as though yes they are attractive, yes they’re cheeky but being bombarded with questions on their personal life and being asked how they feel about being sex symbols to 12 year olds every day is too much i mean how would you feel if you were asked that little 8 year olds fap to your pictures come the fuck on people 

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i have mixed feelings about gq asking harry to spill beans on his sex life


things one direction don’t owe me

  • an explanation/justification of their religion 
  • any information about their sex life 
  • information about their families 
  • really anything 
  • they don’t owe me anything