Vancouver 07/27/13

Closed eyes and hoping for a better life
This time we’ll fade out tonight
Straight down the line

The end comes too soon, like dreaming of angels

Louis Tomlinson
Superheroes Round Two and a half: Green Lantern

"aw heLL nawH"
"gurl hoLD uP"
"what dem bitchEz say?" 

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  •  It is the year 2812
  • Teacher: Today we will be learning about a collective genre of humans called 'fangirls'. These 'fangirls' survived on nothing but nutella while 'blogging' on 'laptops' in a pitch dark room about various 'fandoms' on a website named 'tumblr', and spoke a distinctive language called 'adfasdflkj'

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Hot guys we have problems too

We’re just like you

Except we’re gay